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In this month of January 2019, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who wished me their best for this new year. On behalf of myself and my colleagues on the O.I.A.I. Bureau, I send you a warm thought for a year of joy, pleasure and friendship. May your loved ones, families and friends also enjoy a year without health concerns and other worries.

As you already know, the Editorial Board was set up last autumn. His first task, under the authority of our Secretary General, was to modernize the journal that you have, or will soon have, in hand. The main objective is to adapt it to the reading of any public, and not only to Anysetiers Members. This copy should be used for better communication with people outside our Order. This is a first, certainly not perfect, and we will always be looking for innovative ideas to improve it.

In most greeting messages, the term "Friendship" is often mentioned. This word, so frequently used, must not be overused. If friendship between Anysetiers is an obvious fact, let us not forget that apart from this feeling of benevolence, it is also a question of applying it in all exchanges, the contacts we have between us, from the Anysetier Member to the Dignitaries and High Dignitaries. It must not be a formula of politeness, but a sign of connection, sympathy and dignity among all. It is a mutual feeling that we must share in all our relationships, without a spirit of bigotry or malice, let alone authoritarianism or greedy will.

Our next General Assembly to be held in Liege is an opportunity, in particular, to meet to work friendly, celebrate and visit Belgium, a country where friendship is not an empty word. Let's take advantage of these days of reunion, register many of you according to the form attached to the center of the review.

Feel free to share, thanks to this brochure, the line of conduct of our Order, share it in all friendship and may Vive l'Ordre International des Anysetiers.



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