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As an Anysetier, the human being must be the fundamental research of our behaviour, the reflection of our actions. Today, when technological innovations are incessant, with an increasingly connected society, with virtual reality, we must not forget our values and know the full meaning of what we are doing for the benefit of others.

To this end, imagination, consultation, reflection and action must be the basis for openness towards our fellow citizens, our neighbours, all those who need sharing, generosity and friendship.

All the actions initiated and carried out within our Commanderies must reflect our slogan, which sums up so well why we are committed and working for our Order. This thirst to help, this desire to relieve, this request to participate in a better world, we find this approach in the current interpretation of our precepts.

Of course, we will not solve all the ills of the planet, but all these gestures, all these gifts are there to give meaning to what we are doing, a truth to which we committed ourselves as soon as we were given Anysetier's camel.

These words, which I have the pleasure and honour to convey to you, are not pious wishes or a sweet dream on my part.

I simply believe in an ever-better future for our Order, thanks to you, thanks to all of us, so that the human being is always essential in everything we wear as an Anysetier.

Long live the International Order of Anysetiers.




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