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Annual Congress and Internationalism

Every year, the statutes of the International Order of Anysetiers oblige them to organize their congress in a different town, alternating between France and outside its frontiers.

The Congress allows Master Anysetiers from throughout the world to meet. From one Congress to another, they can catch up with each other, exchange views and finally understand each other better. These exchanges have shown themselves to be extremely beneficial for the life and cohesion of the Order

The friendship which unites the brotherhood of Commanderies, often very distant from each other, is not an empty phrase. The Congress is an exceptional opportunity to embody and extend it.

During the Annual Congress, often under the patronage of eminent personalities, the induction ceremony is even more solemn than usual. The Dignitaries of the Order, coming from all over the world, clad in their robes, surrounded by their guests make up an arena of several hundred people, for whom the greatest elegance is de rigueur.

Through its Annual Congress, the Order reaffirms its vocation to promote fraternal friendship, international friendship, and the desire of the Master Anysetiers to contribute beyond their own frontiers, to the construction of a better World, where violence plays no role. .

The Statutory AGM takes place during the Annual Congress, and that is where formal authority is given in respect of all decisions taken during since the last AGM. In addition, this is where the rules and directives are voted which will allow the Members of the Grand Council of the Order to carry out their responsibilities for the following period.

The Congress

At the end of the day, what is a Congress?
For the Anysetiers, it is the Annual High Mass, where each of us comes to recharge our batteries. So that on returning, with rolled up sleeves, they give new spark to their Commanderies And beyond that, to their Chancellery A Congress is also a fine rejuvenating bath To allow us to seek excellence one day perhaps. But finally, it is the crucible of fine friendship, The Cardinal virtue for Anysetiers. Copying Chanteclerc and his "Father Rostand" I wish that each of you on leaving Say unanimously the identical phrase Give us Anise and I'll be its apotheosis
16th May 1998,
Maurice Gréau,
Grand Councillor of Honour

Our Recent Annual Congresses :

2013 Avignon
2012 Sion
2011 Toulon
2010 Rotterdam
2009 Cholet
2008 Padua-Venice
2007 Saint Etienne
2006 Vienna
2005 Paris
2004 Antwerp
2003 Pau
2002 Reunion
2001 Strasbourg
2000 Florence

1999 Le Touquet - Paris Plage
1998 Montreal et Quebec
1997 Lorient
1996 Brussels
1995 Tours
1994 Montreux
1993 Perpignan
1992 Lyon
1991 Cannes
1990 Figueras

1989 Toulouse
1988 Jersey
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