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The Dignitaries and their functions in a Commanderie

A Commanderie is an institution set up under the auspices of the law of 1st July 1901 (which governs organisations not set up for profit), whose Administrative Council is called "the Chapter"

› The Executive Committee

The Grand Maistre :
Chairman of the association. He is elected by the Chapter for a three year term, renewable.

The Seneschal :
Vice-chairman. His role is to help the Grand Master in his administrative tasks and, if needed, chair meetings on his behalf.

The Constable :
Deputy vice-chairman. His role is to help the Grand Master.

The Letter Writer :
Writes and sends out circulars, notices and minutes of meetings and handles relations with the press.

The Treasurer :
Manages the funds and helps the Grand Master in his relations with the General Treasurer of the Order.

› The provosts

The Chamberlain :
Responsible for equipment etc. (organisation of events, decoration).

The Steward :
Looks after the drinks. During the induction ceremonies, he offers an aniseed drink to each postulant.

The Herald :
Spokesman for the Grand Master. He may be entrusted with certain public statements and in conjunction with the Letter Writer, may carry out relations outside the Commanderie.

The Almoner :
In charge of the Comanderie's philanthropic activities

The Illustrator :
Creates such graphics and other decorative motifs as are needed by the Commanderie.

The Master Victualer :
Responsible for menu planning and venues.

The Master of Ceremonies :
Welcomes guests and ensures correct protocol is followed.

The Master of Novices:
Ensures the Anysetier training of future postulants at their entry to the Commanderie.

The Master Standard bearer :
Manages banners, standards etc.

The master of Seals:
Keeps the archives.

The Courier :
Represents the Grand Master to the outside world.

The Scrivener :
Carries out administrative duties. His role is to keep the register of inductions, prepare the diplomas handed to new Masters, and ensure they are duly signed and sealed.


A Bailiwick has no independent existence. It includes, temporarily, a small number of Master Anysetiers, all belonging to the same Commanderie and intending to form a new Commanderie in the near future, independent of the mother Commanderie.

The Bailiff :
A Chapter member of the Commanderie which created the Bailliwick. He is responsible for the activities of the Bailliwick, within which he represents the Grand Master.

The Alderman :
A Master Anysetier who fulfils, within the Bailliwick, one of the titular functions, i.e. Seneschal, Constable, Letter Writer, Treasurer or Provost.
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