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Our dignitaries have written

Although solidly attached to their traditions, Master Anysetiers do not simply commemorate the past but, on the contrary, attempt to leave the mark of their time …

The fabric of conviviality they want to preserve and extend is one their elders developed by combining tradition and modernity. The International Order of Anysetiers is a structure embodying friendship and brotherhood which are the potent warp and weft of their group sociability.

The first of their goals is a natural wish to join in special groups with others passionate about Art, Culture and joie-de-vivre. The second goal is to continue their charitable mission and to develop their work of solidarity, whose nurture is nowadays ever more essential. As for the third goal, it is the wish to invoke ceaselessly the need to join together to help in the development of centres devoted to studying, innovating, appreciating and affirming the virtues of the Star Anise, and the many products created from it.

Antoine Molin
Honorary President for exceptional services to the Order

In this busy world, most often people are ever increasingly seeing a daily struggle to keep alive, with all the moral and physical pressures that this implies. Our goal is to build, strengthen and develop friendship throughout the world. It is also to behave with courtesy, a virtue which is all too often forgotten, and to make human relations more cordial.

Anise is for us a means to an end, for it is not a liqueur to be drunk alone, but to be taken in small sips amongst friends.

It is a shared pleasure, just as we wish that our Master Anysetiers and all people should be able to taste the best that life can offer.

Louis Carlon
Honorary Vice-President for exceptional services to the Order

It can often happen that the uninitiated are astonished by the great courtesy and sincere friendships that they can't help noticing when they have the opportunity to take part in an Anysetier event. There are two fundamental reasons behind this discovery, both primarily related to the way all Master Anysetiers should behave throughout their lives.

The first is due to the fact that on the day of his induction, the applicant has had to commit himself publicly to the precepts of the Order, which actually define strict rules of conduct. By pronouncing this oath, the postulant undertakes a solemn commitment to the Commandery which has just admitted him. His respect for this commitment would never let him break this freely given promise.

As for the second, it is easy to understand. The dignitaries present on that day have shown their trust in the applicant by declaring that he is worthy of becoming a Master Anysetier. Moral imperatives and his own self respect forbid him from betraying the trust placed in him by his Elders.

That is why we can claim that, faithful to their origins, Master Anysetiers live in conformity with an ethos which, in the Middle Ages, defined an "honest man" - a decent person...

Armand Morabin
Honorary President

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