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The Anysetiers spirit

Master Anysetiers are imbued with a spirit of international friendship, culture and brotherly solidarity towards others.
Through the praise of star anise, a plant with many virtues, they have taken the task of bringing the legend and tradition of the medieval guild of Anysetiers to life again. A thankless but infinitely rewarding mission.

Being at one and the same time doctors and apothecaries, they put their knowledge of the wonderful properties of star anise to serve a high ideal, which was to help their neighbour. Saint Louis in particular had recourse to them in his fight against illness and poverty. He found in these people an intelligence, a taste for research and the desire to do good. These are the qualities which define the "Anysetier Spirit".

The Master Anysetier is above all, a "good man". He is esteemed by all for his friendliness, courtesy, fidelity, dignity and culture. .

Adopting the rules of chivalry which so felicitously transformed the mores of a society emerging from barbarism, he takes an oath at his induction, to be fair, faithful to himself and his confreres, to help the weak and to be courteous towards everyone. The International Order of Anysetiers unites people of good faith and of high ideals who agree to defend and promote the cultural and moral values which underpin our civilisation.

The Master Anysetier takes the fundamental principles of the order as his own. As a Grand Master once put it so well, these "bring together men and women who set aside their differences, even if they come from entirely different professional, political, religious and philosophical backgrounds. They share with each of their Confreres a desire to do better and to work to improve the lot of their neighbours".

The Master Anysetiers have taken upon themselves the duty to relieve human suffering through very many activities organised to help charitable organisations, to give meals to the elderly and deprived and help students etc.

In an age when communication uses satellites and airlines abolish distance, where cities are filled with many peoples of disparate origins, the curse of the Tower of Babel continues to weigh on us all. Despite these changes, we often feel more alone and isolated than ever before.

The Anysetier spirit is a common tongue which can break down this sense of isolation.

It is a universal language, because it exists worldwide, spreading from Paris to Geneva, Brussels to Venice, Cologne and Vienna to Luxembourg and the South Pacific. Master Anysetiers bear witness across all frontiers to a spirit of friendship born of tolerance and mutual understanding.

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