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Who are the masters Anysetiers

The prestige of the International Order of Anysetiers extends to all areas of human activity, intellectual, scientific, artistic and economic. Scientists and lawyers, writers and artists who made up the nucleus in 1955, all worked for the revival of the medieval Corporation of Master Anysetiers.

They then were able to welcome specialists in other disciplines to ensure the success of their efforts. As Paul Valéry put it, enriched by their mutual differences and through brotherly confrontation. men of good will coming from different backgrounds have developed a humanistic ethos to which they hold in order to strengthen its spread.

Nowadays, The International Order of Anysetiers is a microcosm of the world of today, as all industries are present amongst us. Thus it is that amongst our number, we find, parliamentarians, doctors, academics, lawyers, judges, industrialists, merchants, writers, architects, artists, researchers ...

Could there be a better definition of the Master Anysetier than the following one:

"To be able to listen to the desires of one's heart, that's an Anysetier ."

"Always spreading peace and happiness that's an Anysetier ."

"A friend in need for all
that's an Anysetier."

"A protector of Arts and
Letters that's an Anysetier ."

"A lover of animals, nature and
flowers that's an Anysetier ."

"Always to give of one's best
that's an Anysetier ."
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