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Our precepts

To join our order is to refuse humdrum daily monotony. It is to discover a special place of friendship - a warm, heartfelt friendliness without calculation or self interest. It is to take part in many enriching activities in this special environment.

Even in this world of today, and in our view even more than hithertofore, no man can be, nor should be, an island. Each person, be he philosopher, company director, poet, artist or adventurer owes it to himself or herself to bring his/her own special contribution, no matter how modest, to the development of our Society.

In this way, joining our order gives the satisfaction and even the pleasure of discovering a fraternity and being part of it in the purest and most unselfish way. This allows us all to work together to bring to fruition those objectives, defined by our precepts of which we are reminded during each induction ceremony. On joining, new members solemnly swear to respect these objectives throughout their life.

Becoming a "Master Anysetier" isn't an end in itself, but on the contrary, it's the beginning of a new life, founded on a pledge to respect our precepts. We don't wish to recruit new members "just for the day", however moving and impressive the induction ceremony may be.

What does this pledge imply? Before dubbing the candidate, the Grand Master publicly requests his Chapter to endorse the choice. When the dignitaries present reply "He is worthy!" that has nothing to do with the candidate's way of tasting the anis flavoured drink they are handed and which is no more than a symbol of community. In fact the dignitaries are proclaiming that the personal qualities of the candidate are such that they are worthy of being raised to the rank of Master Anysetier.

A good Samaritan you'll be for all, but tempered with good judgement.

You shall disburse your amity, to every one most generously.

Science and Letters you shall defend, in every place and every time.

Protector of the Arts you'll be; and of the muses an intimate.

Learned people you'll frequent, your understanding to enrich.

Both boors and crooks you shall avoid, and always flee from slanderers

In noble pleasures you'll delight, but never seeking out excess.

Delightful food you will enjoy, With discernment and excellence.

No banquet you will ever start, without a glass of fine anis.

Thus your digestion you'll ensure, with this fine drink to round the feast.
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