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A Few testimonies ...

It's indisputable that it is nice to hang on to very old traditions. I believe that in today's world, it can be a quite difficult, when you think of the younger generations, to bear witness to traditions, memories and thoughts.

Travelling in distant countries, it can sometimes be seen that the history of mankind is rooted in very distant forests, in long distant centuries, in past millennia even, and we - a very active people - are often in danger of being carried away by our modernity, whereas in truth we ought and must attach great importance to defending, saving, and, dare I say it, cultivating our roots.

I believe that in truth, there is no great people without a great history. What's more, I believe that there is hardly any chance for a people to have a great future, if it doesn't rely on a very strong attachment to its own traditions.

Hervé de Charrette
Former Minister and MP (deputé)

I also know that you cultivate a way of life, a lifestyle: that is a very vital thing to do... What would become of our civilisation if it were built exclusively on daily conflicts, intolerance and intransigence.

Fortunately there are still people, still groups who meet under the banner of friendship to discover together and in a feeling of brotherhood, just what it is to have a life worth living.

Pierre Pflimlin
Former Prime Minister

How could we enter the 21st century better than by rediscovering the path of brotherhood and the founding values of our civilisation. The Order of Anysetiers, with its wisdom anchored in the 13th Century, invites us to nourish ourselves with our neighbours' good qualities, and to build a better world with them and for them.

Sipping the taste of the star anise is at one and the same time to give, receive, share and help - all without limit and without frontier. That's the only way our heart and soul can be

Elisabeth Hubert
Former Minister

The concepts of individual and collective conscience are in tatters. With the implosion of eminent international bodies, you are becoming a global force, shining on Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

You grow in generosity and wisdom in the shadow of this legendary plant that embryogenists call Protoverbe; among its roots intertwine liquorice, amaranth, myrtle and your star anis. In a sense it represents the origin of the human race and you invite a reconciled humanity to the shade of this symbolic tree. If the flag of Europe, while awaiting that of the planet itself, were to seek a design, what would be better than the star anise flower?

Paul Guth

In a world where the cult of the individual grows apace, the International Order of Ansyetiers is developing an ethic of human relationships, a way of living which is based on the pleasure of meeting together.

The search for a certain harmony between peoples, absolutely without prejudice, without considering their backgrounds, nationalities or ideologies, encourages tolerance, mutual understanding and friendship.

I hope that the International Order of Anysetiers, to which I am proud to belong, will long preserve and develop this way of expressing our humanity which ennobles our civilisation.

Michèle Alliot-Marie

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